Ansible Dynamic Inventory Sources for CloudSigma
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Ansible Dynamic Inventory Sources for CloudSigma.


This script relies on the pycloudsigma. Install it by running:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Next, you need to configure your credentials and data center location per the installation instructions.


With pycloudsigma installed, you now need to build the database. To do this, run:

$ ./ --refreshdb

You can then verify the entry by running:

$ ./ --list

This should return a list of all running nodes, along with their IPs.

Finally, let's test this with ansible by running a ping against the server ansible.local:

$ ansible -i -u cloudsigma ansible.local -m ping
ansible.local | success >> {
"changed": false,
"ping": "pong"

Success! If that worked out, let's make this your default Ansible back-end. To do this, edit /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg (or create it if it doesn't exist). What you need to do is to change 'hostfile' such that it points to your script. A minimal ansible.cfg would look like this:

hostfile = /path/to/

This allows you to simply run:

$ ansible -u cloudsigma ansible.local -m ping