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Create free cloud architecture diagrams
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Create cloud architecture diagrams for free! Start here.


Available features ✔️

The following features are available in CloudSkew right now:

  • Icons for Azure, AWS, GCP, CNCF and more are preloaded in the app.
  • Create a new diagram from a template (or simply a new empty diagram).
  • Print a diagram and/or export it to .png, .jpg or .bmp formats.
  • Lock an entire diagram or just individual symbols (locking make things read-only, preventing them from being edited or deleted).
  • Adjust visual properties of any symbol via the visual properties window.
  • Diagrams are auto-saved.
  • Load icons/symbols from symbol palette onto diagram by single-clicking on it.
  • Search for an icon by typing in the icon name (or a synonym or category) in the symbol search box.
  • Undo & redo actions.
  • Access frequent commands via context menu (cut, copy, paste, delete etc).
  • Adjust z-index of any symbol on the diagram (via context menu).
  • Zoom in & out of a diagram.
  • Import custom images into a diagram (.png, .jpg formats only, file size must be < 512 KB).
  • Any selected symbol's information is displayed via tooltip on hover.
  • Attach text labels to any symbol. Labels can be re-positioned, re-sized, rotated and styled (via properties window).
  • Optionally enable/disable entire icon families (via preferences/settings bar).

Planned features 📆

In the near team, the following features are on the roadmap:

  • View & adjust z-index of diagram symbols via a separate control.
  • Group multiple symbols together.
  • Save checkpoints/snapshots (along with ability to restore-from/rollback-to a previous checkpoint).
  • Keyboard shortcuts for commonly performed actions.
  • More icons, shapes and diagram templates. You can always request specific ones here. You can view existing open requests here.

The relative priorities of these planned features will depend on the volume of user requests received. If you have a feature request that's not listed up here, you can file a new one here.

You can see all the planned milestones and release annoucements.

Found a bug? 🐞

Please report it here.

Pricing 💵

CloudSkew will remain free for individual users. There are plans to add premium features for teams & enterprises in the future.

Icon attribution 👏

A big thanks to all the icon creators for all their hard work!

Frequently asked questions

Why can't the diagram canvas be resized?

The diagram size is restricted to 900px x 500px (landscape mode). While it's possible to zoom in/out, it's not possible to change a diagram's height, width & orientation.

Custom diagram sizes might be enabled at a future point as a premium/paid feature.

Any plans to auto-generate diagrams from existing infrastructure?

Not in the near-term future.

Any plans to improve the experience on mobile devices?

No plans. The web app is best used on laptops and desktops (screen resolutions higher than 960 x 540, landscape mode).

Why doesn't the app work correctly in Internet Explorer (IE)?

To be honest, I haven't tested it in IE. No plans to add support for IE since it is now deprecated.

Is this an open source project?

No. However, would love to open source parts of it in the future to invite community contributions around:

  • icons from different cloud providers.
  • templates for some frequently created diagrams.

However not there yet, lot of features have to be added before all this can be enabled.

Why are users required to login?

The diagrams are auto-saved, which requires users to be logged in. Auto-save was a convenience feature requested by many of the initial test users.

Also some upcoming features (checkpoints, restoring from checkpoints etc) will require users to be authenticated.

What does the CloudSkew architecture look like?

Take a look.

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