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Geppetto is aimed at developing tools to simplify the process of authoring and
consuming Puppet modules and manifests.

The Geppetto IDE tooling can be downloaded as a stand-alone product
or installed into an existing Eclipse IDE from

For FAQ, and more information visit the Geppetto site:

The project's foundation is a model of the Puppet DSL, along with parsers,
validators, and formatters that translate between a generated module or
manifest and its editable representation. 
Corresponding IDE tooling will generate and validate modules and manifests
directly from editors, as well as streamline module publication/consumption
to/from the Puppet Forge ( 
Tooling will be packaged for both command line interaction, i.e., an enhanced
version of the current Puppet Module Tool:, and IDE plug-ins.
Editors will provide syntax highlighting, content assistance, error
tracing/debugging and similar capabilities, as appropriate.

The project has three near-term objectives: 
(1) flatten the learning curve associated with using the Puppet DSL to
    create manifests,
(2) support Puppet best practices for working with manifests in the form of
    modules, and
(3) encourage sharing of modules within the community using the Puppet Forge.

A longer-term objective will be to make it easier for a wider range of tools
to interoperate with Puppet by using Geppetto's modeling foundation as a means
of interchange; potential synergies with the
new p(0) project ( will be explored for this purpose.


Geppetto is an integrated toolset for developing Puppet modules and manifests.






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