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t/11-scraper-print.t: Ignore source of i/p data.

This test should now pass when part of the summary line
is printed to the right file handle, whether the source was
from the web or the local data file.

Plan to improve it, or make other tests that detect problems
for web i/p data.
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clp committed Apr 22, 2012
1 parent 2b6f0fb commit 7defe0f6a87b24c2b21afea3c18bd9be911fd865
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ $application->output_fh($fh);
like( $output_string,
- qr/Using data src ,local copy of web page, for letters to the editor in wsj./ ,
- "Got WSJ letters summary line when using local i/p data.");
+ qr{Using data src ,.*, for letters to the editor in wsj.} ,
+ "Got WSJ letters summary line.");
diag( "Testing Scraper $Scraper::VERSION, Perl $], $^X" );

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