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This is the Git repository of our experiment on reimplementing Babelfy. We presented this at the CLiN26 (26th Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) conference.


Steps 1-4 need to be executed once for good. Steps 5-8 need to be executed once per test set.

  1. Setup local BabelNet endpoint - Please go to and setup your own BabelNet API endpoint (useful for non-Java programs).

  2. Run ./ (make sure you adjust the settings to your local environment). This script generates a text file called relations.txt with all triples in BabelNet. It also creates name_coll database collection in MongoDB which contains all names from BabelNet. This is essential for the process of generating candidates using partial matching.

  3. Populate your local database (we use mongodb), in order to access all BabelNet data easily and perform lookups on partial matches. To do this, run phase1. Make sure you have the path to relations.txt setup correctly. Duration: 100 min

  4. Run phase2 to generate weights based on triangular relations. These weights are useful for the building of semantic signature later. -> Described in Section 5 of the paper Duration: 7.5 hours

  5. Generate candidates (run python -> Section 6 of the paper Duration: 17 mins

  6. Generate semantic signature database structure (run phase3). -> Algorithm 1 in the paper, section 5 Duration: ~3 days

  7. Do the Babelfy disambiguation algorithm (run python -> Algorithm 2 and 3 in the paper, section 7 Duration: 10 hours

  8. Evaluate !


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