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When your git repo needs to lose some weight...

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Sometimes you just don't want git to keep absolutely everything that has ever been committed to a repo. Maybe you need to trim down your repo size to put it on github or push it to heroku, or maybe you are just a little OCD. Either way, here's hoping some of the scripts in here can help you.

These scripts have only been tested on Mac OS X. All help very very welcome :D

Shows the largest objects in the git repo of the current directory [-n <number_of_objects>] [-d] [-f]

    -n  Show the n largest files in the repo (default 10)
    -d  Filter out files that are currently in the project
    -f  Show file paths only (useful for piping into other scripts)

Purge all history of the given objects from the repo <file>...

    file  One or more file paths to purge


To delete the 50 largest objects in your repo that are files that are not in your project anymore -n50 -d -f | xargs 
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