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Project Tech - Course 2018-2019

Table of Contents


Project Tech is given at @CMDA in 2019 between 4 February and 20 June.

  • Course: Project Tech
  • Coordinator: Anne Marleen Olthof
  • Lecturers: Danny de Vries (@dandevri) (tech-1 / tech-2) and Anne Marleen Olthof (@annemarleen) (tech3)
  • SIS: Project Tech
  • Credit: 5 ECTS
  • Academic year: 2018-2019
  • Period: Quarter 3 (spring)
  • Programme: Communication and Multimedia Design (full time bachelor)
  • Language: Dutch instructions and English resources
  • Entry requirements: N/A


In Project Tech you'll build a dynamic prototype of a web application. In different roles you take a well-argued position on, among other things, the privacy and security aspects of the application. You'll also learn to navigate the command line, version control with Git & GitHub and make sure code style is consistent.


  • GitHub 鈥 Main source of information, assignments, important dates, and more
  • Examples 鈥 Example code from slides
  • Slack 鈥 General chatter and Q&A
  • Moodle 鈥 Schedulers

If you have questions:


Main goals

The main goals in this course are that you鈥檙e able to:

  • You can collaborate with other developers on GitHub using Git
  • You can document your project and write a readme
  • You can adhere to code standards (code style) using configs and linters
  • You can navigate the command-line
  • You can customize your local development machine

Sub goals

In practice you鈥檒l learn to:


  • Understand Git principles (week 1)
  • Understand the GitHub flow (week 1)
  • Write docs in Markdown (week 1)
  • Navigate the command-line (week 2)
  • Customize your local machine (week 2)
  • Use Editors, Extensions and Configs (week 4)
  • Use linters like ESLint and Stylelint (week 4)
  • Debugging your code (week 5)
  • Collaborate on GitHub (week 5+)
  • Doing Code Reviews (week 5+)


The below table breaks down the general time needed per week.

Week Effort Topics Activities
0 NaN getting started getting started
1 9:20h git & github, competitive lab, assignments
2 9:20h cli, job stories lab, assignments
3 9:20h coaching sessions scheduler
4 9:20h configs, requirements lab, assignments
5 9:20h collaboration, reviews lab, assignments
6 9:20h coaching sessions scheduler
7 NaN assessment 1 a1 (oral test)
8 9:20h prototype (coaching) lab, work on prototype
9 NaN assessment 2 a2 (oral test)
Schedule Block tech schedule overview


Task Weight
Assessment 1 (oral test) 60%
Assessment 2 (oral test) 40%
Total 100%


This course is given at Communication and Multimedia Design, a design bachelor focused on interactive digital products and services. CMD is part of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


This course has a Code of Conduct. Anyone interacting with this repository, organisation, or community is bound by it.

Staff and students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) are additionally bound by the Regulation Undesirable Conduct (Regeling Ongewenst Gedrag).


Unless stated otherwise, code is MITDanny de Vries docs and images are CC-BY-4.0.