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dkubb commented Sep 19, 2019

A feature request I have would be to add two flags to the mutant cli:

  • --skip-subject
  • --pending-subject

The --skip-subject flag should perform exactly the same as --ignore-subject, where it doesn't bother to mutate the subject nor run the subject's tests. This would be reserved for methods where attempting to mutate will cause an infinite loop and never finish.

The `--pending-

pnthai88 commented Oct 2, 2019

Dear guys,

Thanks for sharing your code - Author, philipperemy. It's helpful for my data science hobby atm.
Here is how to bypass detection of amazon

### In:
Import fake user agent

def get_soup_retry(url):
    from fake_useragent import UserAgent
    ua = UserAgent()
    UserAGR = ua.random
    if AMAZON_BASE_URL not in url:
        url = AMAZON_BASE_URL +

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  • Updated Dec 30, 2019
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