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Experimental evaluation for the Partisan paper at USENIX ATC 2019.
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ATC'19 Results for Partisan

Here you can find the test harness used for generating all of our results. Obviously, your results will differ from ours if you do not use the same experimental configuration as we do.

Preliminary results are available here.

This repository includes a microbenchmark suite for Partisan itself, and a port of Riak Core (from Basho) ported to Partisan for running experiments with a simulated key-value store using three vnodes, and a echo service using a single vnode.

Our port of Riak Core is available here with a compatibility library available here.

Data Collection Targets

  • bin/ Run the microbenchmark suite, Figure 1.

  • bin/ Run the microbenchmark suite for identifying queue overhead introduced by additional connections/queues, Figure 2.

  • bin/ Run the high-latency microbenchmark suite, Figure 3.

  • bin/ Run the large-payload microbenchmark suite, Figure 4.

  • bin/ Run the Echo workload, Figures 5 & 6.

  • bin/ Run the KVS workload, Figures 7 & 8.


Available in the Rscripts folder are a number of scripts used to generate the plots included in our final paper.

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