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zTracker is a win32 only MIDI tracker/sequencer modeled after Impulse Tracker.

The original developer ( @cmicali ) no longer maintains this project, and the source is archived here.


  • 1:1 copy of Impulse Tracker interface
  • 64 track sequencer with variable 32-256 rows/pattern, 256 total patterns
  • easy use of multiple machines across multiple MIDI devices/interfaces
  • rock solid timing that tested as good as cubase (3/496ppqn error)
  • load/save compressed .zt files
  • volume/effect curve drawing in pattern editor
  • IT importing (thanks to lipid)
  • auto sync via midi-clock
  • .mid export
  • intelligent midi-in w/ slave to external sync
  • planned: realtime pattern player (a-la-rebirth)


zTracker on SourceForge: zTracker prime on GitHub (maintained by @m6502): zTracker for Mac on GitHub ("maintained" a.k.a. severely unfinished by @esaruoho):

Old building instructions by Daniel Kahlin

Building ztracker

Written by Daniel Kahlin

Required software:

Additionally, if you want to build releases, these must be in your path:

If you want to make modifications to the graphics, you need:

  • itf.exe for editing the font file. (itf v1.61 can be found under required devel packages)
  • Adobe Photoshop or similar for editing the graphics in general.

Building Source Releases

ztracker's source code is cvs based. A release is built from the contents of the cvs archive at a point of time. A release tag is set, the whole cvs tree exported and then finally compressed into a .zip file.

Building Binary Releases

Binary releases are built from the corresponding source release.

  1. From the zt.dsw workspace build zt.exe as release.
  2. Change the active project to ztconf.exe and build that as release.
  3. Change the active project to ztskin.exe and build that as release aswell.
  4. From a MS-DOS prompt, cd to the source directory and run buildrelease.bat. (You may want to edit the archive name)
  5. Done!


Win32 MIDI Tracker / Sequencer from 2002



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