status display programs

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These scripts are invoked on any status change of the player. Usually they are used to show the current playing song (e.g. to others in an instant messenger, or as popup in a window manager), but they can also do other stuff (e.g. populating the play queue with new songs).

Audio scrobbling (to e.g. or

Dynamic playlists

Display current track info on screen

Album Art Display

  • cmus-cover-art - extract and display cover art of current track
  • Display status via desktop notification with album art
  • - Widely compatible script using 'feh' to display the image. Edit the resolution/offset to your needs. Use your window manager to manipulate the window automatically.

Instant messengers


Usage / Installation

To use the programs, download them and make them executable:

chmod a+x downloaded-file

To use multiple programs, create a shell script, e.g. ~/.cmus/, that starts all wanted programs:

program1 "$@" &
program2 "$@" &

Then in cmus, set the display_status_program variable to the path of the program or wrapper script:

  :set status_display_program=/home/user/.cmus/
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