Minecraft server optimized for 8-bit devices.
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Minecraft server optimized for 8-bit devices.

Check out the AVR version of this in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZRLOanNQ_w

This has a few subprojects.

  • dumbcraft => Minimalistic Core C Minecraft Server
  • demo_x86_dumbcraft => dumbcraft wrapper for Linux desktops
  • demo_mineandhttp => dumbcraft wrapper for atmega328
  • http => http server and demo
  • avr_hardware => board layout design for AVR server
  • ipcore => core AVR IP stack for the enc424j600
  • mfs => minimalistic read-only in-flash filesystem for AVRs
  • microsd => minimalistic FAT32 read-only SD/SDHC filesystem for AVRs
  • ntsc => Code to help produce text-mode NTSC.

+indicates available tests.