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Smart License - Demo Web-App


This is a python/django based application that demostrates:

  • Creation of Smart Licenses with different Transaction Models
  • Registration of Smart Licenses on the Content Blockchain
  • Issuance and Transfer of Smart License Tokens

Development Setup

This project requires Python 3 and a MultiChain node with RPC access for local development and testing.

It is recommended to use a python virtualenv for development. Install dependencies in your activated virtualenv with pip install -r requirements.txt. Create your configuration in smartlicense/settings/ (see Get your development environment up and running with these commands:

fab reset
python runserver

fab reset will:

  • update requirements
  • remove development db
  • delete, re create and run migrations
  • create a demo user (user: demo, password: demo)
  • load fixtures and demo content
  • import your multichain nodes wallet address

After starting your the app with python runserver visit the backend at