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A playground repository for checking random benchmarks in the Elixir language
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Elixir Random Benchmarks

A collection of functions I've been using to benchmark various Elixir functionalities.

As part of building out Starship, I've been trying to use the fastest and most performant functions in Elixir. This project is what I use to benchmark random functions in order to choose the best and fastest functions.

Current Benchmarks

In random_benchmarks.ex you'll find a collection of functions that run Benchee Benchmarks on functions in the Elixir Core Language. These were just random functions I wanted to compare in the core of the language in order to choose the best function to use in my project.

In json_benchmarks.ex you'll find my benchmarking of the JSON libraries in Elixir that I have used in the past. I've seen on each of these libraries home pages that they are the fastest, so I decided to find out for myself. I'll try to update this regularly as the libraries get updated or as I find others that I use regularly.

Note: I used some random documents I found on my work computer to test inputs in JSON, so I cannot upload them to public GitHib repos. I will add the file sizes here so you can see the general size differences on the different inputs.

File Sizes:

  • tiny.json - 1,351 bytes (1 KB)
  • small.json - 4,333,998 bytes (4.3 MB)
  • medium.json - 21,347,852 bytes (21.3 MB)
  • large.json - 177,435,045 bytes (177.4 MB)

To see the output from the JSON Benchmarks, see the outputs directory

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