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craig[bot] and nvanbenschoten Merge #31408
31408: storage: replace remote proposal tracking with uncommitted log size protection r=nvanbenschoten a=nvanbenschoten

Closes #30064.

This change reverts most of the non-testing code from 03b116f and f2f3fd2
and replaces it with use of the MaxUncommittedEntriesSize config. This
configuration was added in etcd-io/etcd#10167 and provides protection against
unbounded Raft log growth when a Raft group stops being able to commit
entries. It makes proposals into Raft safer because proposers don't need
to verify before the fact that the proposal isn't a duplicate that might
be blowing up the size of the Raft group.

By default, the configuration is set to double the Replica's proposal quota.
The logic here is that the quotaPool should be responsible for throttling
proposals in all cases except for unbounded Raft re-proposals because it
queues efficiently instead of dropping proposals on the floor indiscriminately.

Release note (bug fix): Fix a bug where Raft proposals could get
stuck if forwarded to a leader who could not itself append a new
entry to its log.

This will be backported, but not to 2.1.0. The plan is to get it into 2.1.1.

Co-authored-by: Nathan VanBenschoten <>
Latest commit 25081c6 Oct 17, 2018


CockroachDB is a cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters.

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What is CockroachDB?

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database built on a transactional and strongly-consistent key-value store. It scales horizontally; survives disk, machine, rack, and even datacenter failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention; supports strongly-consistent ACID transactions; and provides a familiar SQL API for structuring, manipulating, and querying data.

For more details, see our FAQ or architecture document.

Here’s a quick explainer video:


CockroachDB is production-ready. See our Roadmap for a list of features planned or in development.


For guidance on installation, development, deployment, and administration, see our User Documentation.


  1. Install CockroachDB.

  2. Start a local cluster and talk to it via the built-in SQL client.

  3. Learn more about CockroachDB SQL.

  4. Use a PostgreSQL-compatible driver or ORM to build an app with CockroachDB.

  5. Explore core features, such as data replication, automatic rebalancing, and fault tolerance and recovery.

Client Drivers

CockroachDB supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol, so you can use any available PostgreSQL client drivers to connect from various languages.


  • Test Deployment - Easiest way to test an insecure, multi-node CockroachDB cluster.
  • Production Deployments
    • Manual - Steps to deploy a CockroachDB cluster manually on multiple machines.
    • Cloud - Guides for deploying CockroachDB on various cloud platforms.
    • Orchestration - Guides for running CockroachDB with popular open-source orchestration systems.

Need Help?


We're an open source project and welcome contributions. See our Contributing Guide for more details.

Engineering discussion takes place on our public mailing list,


For an in-depth discussion of the CockroachDB architecture, see our Architecture Guide.

For the original design motivation, see our design doc.

Comparison with Other Databases

To see how key features of CockroachDB stack up against other databases, visit the CockroachDB in Comparison page on our website.

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