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CoCoSim is an automated analysis and code generation framework for Simulink and Stateflow models. Specifically, CoCoSim can be used to verify automatically user-supplied safety requirements. Moreover, CoCoSim can be used to generate C and/or Rust code. CoCoSim uses Lustre as its intermediate language. CoCoSim is currently under development. We welcome any feedback and bug report.

ScreenCast of CoCoSim

CoCoSim ToolBox

The CoCoSim toolbox contains linux and osx binariers for the backend solvers. Download the CoCoSim ToolBox


CoCoSim can be installed and used as follows:


  • MATLAB(c) version R2014b or newer
  • Zustre
  • (Optional) JKind -- Best for Windows OS users
  • (Optional) Kind2
  • Python2.7


  • Place the different solvers (Zustre, Kind2, JKind) under cocosim/tools/verifiers/.
  • Set the configuration for the backend solvers in src/config.m:
  • ZUSTRE: Path to Zustre binary.
  • KIND2: Path to Kind2 binary.
  • LUSTREC: Path to LustreC binary.
  • Z3: Path to Z3 binary. If you install Zustre, Z3 can be found in ZUSTRE_PATH/build/run/bin/z3.
  • JKIND: Path to JKind.


  • Launch Matlab(c)
  • Navigate to cocosim/
  • Just run the file start_cocosim
  • Make sure to have one of the backround solvers installed (e.g. Zustre, Kind2 and or JKind)
  • You can now open your Simulink model, e.g. open test/properties/safe_1.mdl

# Example

  1. To test a safe property: open test/properties/safe_1.mdl
  2. Under the Tools menu choose Verify with ... and then Zustre (or JKind if you are under Windows OS).
  3. To test an unsafe property (which also provide a counterexample): open test/properties/unsafe_1.mdl

More information about CoCoSim can be found here


Stories in Ready Throughput Graph


  • Lead Developer: Temesghen Kahsai

  • Current Contributors: Hamza Bourbouh (SGT - USA), Pierre-Loic Garoche (Onera - France), Claire Pagetti (Onera - France), Eric Noulard (Onera - France), Thomas Loquen (Onera - France), Xavier Thirioux (ENSEEIHT - France)

  • Past Contributors: Arnaud Dieumegard (Fabruary - August 2015)

Acknowledgments and Disclaimers

CoCoSim is partially funded by:

  • NSF award 1136008

Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) do not necessarily reflect the views of NASA and NSF.