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Welcome to the Cocoaheads-SF wiki!

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Next Meeting

No Cocoaheads in November! Watch this space (or for info on the next meeting.

The next meeting is Thursday October 11th at 7:30PM at the Mindsnacks offices: 1479 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA ("down the alley next to Basil Canteen" (Google Streetview))

Our speaker is Mattt Thompson (@mattt):

Syncing Core Data with Webservices using AFIncrementalStore

Second to views, networking is the hardest part of iOS programming. And it's several orders of magnitude more difficult if you plan to persist a local copy of the data in Core Data, and keep it in sync with the server. Nevermind the tricky theoretical issues of local cache invalidation and conflict resolution, it's hard enough to get Core Data set up in the first place! At least all of this was true before AFInrementalStore came around. Come learn how AFIncrementalStore works, and in doing so, get a deep dive into Core Data itself.

Main Pages

  • Attendees -- add yourself to this list if you plan on attending (optional: but will help us estimate interest)
  • Presenters -- add yourself to this list if you want to speak about a topic during Cocoaheads
  • Hosting -- add yourself to this list if you can host a cocoa heads meeting
  • Meetings -- information about scheduled dates & locations of future meetings and overviews of the previous meetings.

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