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Cocos2d for iOS and OS X, built using Objective-C
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Cocos2D is currently trying to raise funds for a Swift version.
If you think this would be interesting, please consider supporting it.
KickStarter Cocos2D-PureSwift

If in doubt, please post questions and comments in the forum
The Official Forum

This way, more users can learn from your experince.

Please note, that the official site has moved. Please update your bookmarks
The Official Site
The Official Forum

Cocos2D-ObjC is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications for iOS, Mac and Android. It is based on the Cocos2D design, but instead of using Python it uses Swift and / or Objective-C.

Cocos2D-ObjC is:

  • Fast
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Community Supported

Creating New Projects

We are in the process of adding a stand alone installer to Cocos2D-Objc. A temporary template can be found here

An alternative approach, is to use SpriteBuilder:

New Cocos2D projects can be created with SpriteBuilder. SpriteBuilder is, just like Cocos2D, free and open source. You can get SpriteBuilder from or from the Mac App Store. Projects created using SpriteBuilder contains the complete Cocos2D source code, and after the project has been created using SpriteBuilder is optional.

SpriteBuilder also allows you to update the Cocos2D version in your project, to newest version, making it trivial to always keep you project updated to latest Cocos2D version.

You can find the full Cocos2D documentation and user guide at our documentation page.


  • Scene management (workflow)
  • Transitions between scenes
  • Sprites and Sprite Sheets
  • Effects: Lens, Ripple, Waves, Liquid, etc.
  • Actions (behaviours):
    • Trasformation Actions: Move, Rotate, Scale, Fade, Tint, etc.
    • Composable actions: Sequence, Spawn, Repeat, Reverse
    • Ease Actions: Exp, Sin, Cubic, Elastic, etc.
    • Misc actions: CallFunc, OrbitCamera, Follow, Tween
  • Basic menus and buttons
  • Integrated with Chipmunk physics engine
  • Particle system
  • Fonts:
    • Fast font rendering using Fixed and Variable width fonts
    • Support for .ttf fonts
  • Tile Map support: Orthogonal, Isometric and Hexagonal
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Motion Streak
  • Render To Texture
  • Touch/Accelerometer on iOS
  • Touch/Mouse/Keyboard on Mac
  • Sound Engine support (CocosDenshion library) based on OpenAL
  • Integrated Slow motion/Fast forward
  • Fast textures: PVR compressed and uncompressed textures
  • Point based: RetinaDisplay mode compatible
  • Language: Objective-C
  • Open Source Commercial Friendly: Compatible with open and closed source projects
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 (iOS) / OpenGL 2.1 (Mac) based

Build Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 (or newer), Xcode 4.2 (or newer)

Runtime Requirements

  • iOS 6.0 or newer for iOS games
  • Snow Leopard (v10.6) or newer for Mac games

Running Tests

  1. Select the test you want from Xcode Scheme chooser

  2. Then click on Xcode → Product → Run


Download from Github

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd cocos2d-objc
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