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[ABANDONED] The Scala applewood bacon to Jackson's chicken breast: JSON cordon bleu.
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Because I think you should use JSON.

Jerkson is a Scala wrapper for Jackson which brings Scala's ease-of-use to Jackson's features.


  • Scala 2.8.2 or 2.9.1
  • Jackson 1.9.x

Setting Up Your Project

Go ahead and add Jerkson as a dependency:



Parsing JSON

import com.codahale.jerkson.Json._

// Parse JSON arrays
parse[List[Int]]("[1,2,3]") //=> List(1,2,3)

// Parse JSON objects
parse[Map[String, Int]]("""{"one":1,"two":2}""") //=> Map("one"->1,"two"->2)

// Parse JSON objects as case classes
// (Parsing case classes isn't supported in the REPL.)
case class Person(id: Long, name: String)
parse[Person]("""{"id":1,"name":"Coda"}""") //=> Person(1,"Coda")

// Parse streaming arrays of things
for (person <- stream[Person](inputStream)) {
  println("New person: " + person)

For more examples, check out the specs.

Generating JSON

// Generate JSON arrays
generate(List(1, 2, 3)) //=> [1,2,3]

// Generate JSON objects
generate(Map("one"->1, "two"->"dos")) //=> {"one":1,"two":"dos"}

For more examples, check out the specs.

Handling snake_case Field Names

case class Person(firstName: String, lastName: String)

case class Snake(firstName: String, lastName: String)

generate(Person("Coda", "Hale"))   //=> {"firstName": "Coda","lastName":"Hale"}
generate(Snake("Windey", "Mover")) //=> {"first_name": "Windey","last_name":"Mover"}


Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Coda Hale

Published under The MIT License, see LICENSE