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Platform to help Monitor of Public toilets for the Indian Government. This Hackathon was at President's Estate.
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Monitoring of Public Loos.


This solution aims to create one of the simplest ways to get public feedback.

Steps involoved:

  • Governing body registers the Loo
  • QR gets generated.
  • End user ends to scan the QR and give feedback via a Web App.
  • Real Time feed will get displays in the Admin Dashboard.

Server Code:

Middleware used are:

  • body-parser for parsing request body
  • cors for cross-origin access
  • jsonwebtoken for authentication
  • multer for uploading image


  npm start

Run with logging:

  DEBUG='main:*' nodemon app.js


  • base.route incorporates all the routes,
  • api.v2.route is for unauthenticated routes,
  • api.v1.route is for authenticated routes.

##ScreenShot: ###Admin DashBoard: Admin Dashboard ###Generated QR Code: Generated QR Code

Meet the team behind it:

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