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This repository shows you how to use Node (version 8+) and Stripe to create recurring subscriptions with built-in SCA support. It is an updated version of stripe-recurring-subscriptions.

It uses Express for creating a simple server, Nunjucks for templating, and the Stripe API.


We’ve written 2 detailed tutorials about this code on the 🌟 CodeNebula blog:

🌟How to Set up a Basic Node Application with Stripe

🌟How to use Stripe’s new Payment Intents API with Node.js to create subscriptions with built-in SCA


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install to install all dependencies
  3. Create a .env file to house your Stripe Secret Key (this repo includes .env in its .gitignore)
  4. In the .env file, set your secret key as STRIPE_API_KEY (STRIPE_API_KEY="sk_test_************************")
  5. In the Javascript section of the views/register.html file, replace var stripe = Stripe("pk_test_************************") with your Stripe Publishable Key
  6. Run the app via npm run start
  7. Navigate to localhost:3000

Demo Workflow

What's changed from the last time we set up subscriptions