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XPath selector based on Jsoup.

Get started:

    public void testSelect() {

        String html = "<html><div><a href=''></a></div>" +

        Document document = Jsoup.parse(html);

        String result = Xsoup.compile("//a/@href").evaluate(document).get();
        Assert.assertEquals("", result);

        List<String> list = Xsoup.compile("//tr/td/text()").evaluate(document).list();
        Assert.assertEquals("a", list.get(0));
        Assert.assertEquals("b", list.get(1));


Xsoup use Jsoup as HTML parser.

Compare with another most used XPath selector for HTML - HtmlCleaner, Xsoup is much faster:

Normal HTML, size 44KB
XPath: "//a"	
Run for 2000 times

Environment:Mac Air MD231CH/A 
CPU: 1.8Ghz Intel Core i5
Operation Xsoup HtmlCleaner
parse 3,207(ms) 7,999(ms)
select 95(ms) 380(ms)

Syntax supported:


Name Expression Support
nodename nodename yes
immediate parent / yes
parent // yes
attribute [@key=value] yes
nth child tag[n] yes
attribute /@key yes
wildcard in tagname /* yes
wildcard in attribute /[@*] yes
function function() part
or a | b yes since 0.2.0
parent in path . or .. no
predicates price>35 no
predicates logic @class=a or @class=b yes since 0.2.0

Function supported:

In Xsoup, we use some function (maybe not in Standard XPath 1.0):

Expression Description Standard XPath
text(n) nth text content of element(0 for all) text() only
allText() text including children not support
tidyText() text including children, well formatted not support
html() innerhtml of element not support
outerHtml() outerHtml of element not support
regex(@attr,expr,group) use regex to extract content not support

Extended syntax supported:

These XPath syntax are extended only in Xsoup (for convenience in extracting HTML, refer to Jsoup CSS Selector):

Name Expression Support
attribute value not equals [@key!=value] yes
attribute value start with [@key~=value] yes
attribute value end with [@key$=value] yes
attribute value contains [@key*=value] yes
attribute value match regex [@key~=value] yes


MIT License, see file LICENSE

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