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Deploy to Cloudflare Workers

screenshot of cf-workers-telegram-bot

serverless telegram bot on cf workers

The original worker.js is the content of Nikhil John's which is licensed with MIT. My modifications are licensed under the Apache license.

The first bot configuration is fully featured, and responds to all received messages with llama2 if a command isn't found.

To get continuous conversation with llama2 working make sure you add a database to your wrangler.toml and initailize it with the schema.sql

To use the deploy button:

  • Click the deploy button

  • Navigate to your new GitHub repository > Settings > Secrets and add the following secrets:

    - Name: CF_API_TOKEN (should be added automatically)
    - Name: CF_ACCOUNT_ID (should be added automatically)
    - Value: your-telegram-bot-token
  • Push to master to trigger a deploy

To fork this repo and use wrangler:

  • Click fork
  • npm i -g wrangler
  • wrangler secret put SECRET_TELEGRAM_API_TOKEN and set it to your telegram bot token
  • wrangler d1 create llama2
  • put the database block from the command in your wrangler.toml
  • wrangler d1 execute llama2 --file ./schema.sql
  • wrangler deploy
  • Done!

Getting started with cf-workers-telegram-bot

Once you've deployed the bot you can get your Webhook command URL by doing any of the following.

  • sha256sum(YourTelegramSecretKey) is the path to your webhook commands and should be put at the end of your worker URL to access commands such as setting your webhook
  • Use echo -n yoursecretkey | sha256sum to get the path
  • Open the Cloudflare Worker Logs under Workers > cf-workers-telegram-bot > Logs > Begin log stream and make a GET request (open it in your browser) to your Worker URL and look at the logs to see your Access URL
  • Run wrangler tail --format pretty from inside your git repository and make a GET request to your Worker URL

Example URL for setting the Webhook and dropping pending updates:


Serverless AI Telegram Bot on CloudFlare Workers




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