Digital magnifier for reading text using a webcam.
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Digital Magnifier

The Digital Magnifier (digimag) program is a webcam viewing software
designed to assist in reading text.  Using a standard webcam and some
type of stand and appropriate lighting, this program can be used to
magnify, increase contrast, invert, and apply higher contrast colors
to text being viewed.  It also features an optional line across the
view to help in focusing on a particular line of text.


The options are controlled with simple key commands:

  d     Next webcam device
  f     Toggle fullscreen view (non-win32 only)
  i     Invert the colors
  c     Next color pair
  l     Increment line size
  space Toggle line visibility
  esc   Exit the program

There's a default set of high-contrast color sets which can be
overriden in the configuration file.


For systems where Autotools is supported, simply use:

    $ ./ # if checked out from Git
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ make install # possibly as root depending on prefix

For Windows, install Mingw and OpenCV and make sure their `bin`
directories are the PATH environment variable.  Then edit the first
variable in `win32/makefile.win32` to point to the installation prefix
for your OpenCV installation.  After, change into the `win32` directory
and run `mingw32-make -f makefile.win32`.  If everything went properly
there should be a `digimag.exe` file in that directory.


OpenCV 2.1 is used to grab frames from the webcam and process them. It
can be optained from: