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Gatsby.js theme based on the Forty site template, designed by HTML5 UP.



Install this theme (assuming Gatsby is installed) by running from your CLI:

gatsby new gatsby-theme-forty
cd gatsby-theme-forty
gatsby develop

CSS Grid

The grid on this site was replaced with a custom version, built using CSS Grid. It's a very simple 12 column grid that is disabled on mobile. To start using the grid, wrap the desired items with grid-wrapper. Items inside the grid-wrapper use the class col- followed by a number, which should add up to 12.

Here is an example of using the grid, for a 3 column layout:

<div className="grid-wrapper">
    <div className="col-4">
        <p>Content Here</p>
    <div className="col-4">
        <p>Content Here</p>
    <div className="col-4">
        <p>Content Here</p>
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