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Game for learning how to code.
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differentmatt 🐛Fix locale test and update locale files
Had previously removed a bunch of entries from but had not run copy-i18n-tags.js or tests, causing a build break.
Latest commit 2be2162 May 23, 2020


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.circleci Changed reviewer Jan 22, 2020
.storybook Fix Cutscene Padding to not obscure controls (#5502) Jul 18, 2019
app 🐛Fix locale test and update locale files May 22, 2020
ozaria Update google login button May 7, 2020
scripts 🐛Fix locale test and update locale files May 22, 2020
spec/aether Bug fix for JS semicolon detection (#5101) Jan 11, 2019
stories Avatar UI with mock data (#5522) Jul 25, 2019
test 🐛Fix locale test and update locale files May 22, 2020
vendor Tighten heuristic on which Thangs might need hit testing to ease impa… Nov 22, 2019
.babelrc Interactives backend read (#5443) Jul 13, 2019
.bowerrc Fix bower registry Oct 18, 2017
.eslintignore Add project stat / lint SchoolAdminTeacherListRow.vue and SchoolAdmin… May 18, 2019
.eslintrc.js Functional Interactives UX Scaffold (#5369) Jun 27, 2019
.gitignore Spell palette this + parameters (#4942) Oct 11, 2018
.istanbul.yml Add istanbul coverage npm script Sep 21, 2016
.npmignore Changes for repo-splitting Jul 27, 2018
.travis.yml Update travis to use firefox 66 (#5263) Apr 26, 2019 Revert "Revert "Connect over HTTPS"" Mar 1, 2015
LICENSE Updated license's year to 2018 (#4795) Jul 26, 2018 Grammar tweak in May 2, 2018 Update (#5361) Jun 10, 2019
Vagrantfile if the version range is correct, then don't need to pull box from ful… Nov 30, 2016
bower.json Create Tracker2 with sub tracker model. Integrate legacy tracker with… Mar 12, 2020 Add Netease Qiyu live chat plugin in China (#5784) Mar 7, 2020 - Add missing require. May 3, 2017
index.js Have index.js check node version is >= 4 before continuing, for #3495 Mar 17, 2016
karma.conf.js Legacy and Modern plugins handled Jan 2, 2019 - Force colors May 3, 2017
nightwatch.json Refactor smoke test, add a second one Sep 20, 2016
nodemon.json - Compile main.html into lodash template for speed. Dec 28, 2016
package-lock.json Revert "Revert "Disable drift targeting for students and on /play/ pa… Apr 3, 2020
package.json Revert "Revert "Disable drift targeting for students and on /play/ pa… Apr 3, 2020
runWebpack.js Skip webpack if building from server (#5016) Dec 11, 2018 Drop new relic (not used) (#5721) Jan 3, 2020 update china domain to which redirect to kouda… Jan 14, 2020 China homepage (#5583) Sep 12, 2019
setup-aether.js Add html parser in setup-aether Jan 9, 2019 Update china contact us page & base-flat footer (#5771) Mar 5, 2020
sublime-project.json Implements the SPADE logger into the SpellView Apr 26, 2016
webpack.analyzer.config.js Add analyzer package script Dec 27, 2017
webpack.base.config.js Create Tracker2 with sub tracker model. Integrate legacy tracker with… Mar 12, 2020
webpack.config.js Skip webpack if building from server (#5016) Dec 11, 2018
webpack.dev_container.config.js dev_container config added (#4933) Oct 9, 2018
webpack.development.config.js Auto-reload on code changes in dev environment Nov 16, 2017
webpack.karma.config.js Added client side china environment tests (#4817) Aug 9, 2018
webpack.production.config.js Minification ie11 fix (#4934) Oct 9, 2018


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NOTE: The process for setting up the dev environment has changed. Please refer to the docs for details.

CodeCombat is a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. See the Archmage (coder) developer wiki for a dev setup guide, extensive documentation, and much more to get started hacking!

It's both a startup and a community project, completely open source under the MIT and Creative Commons licenses. It's the largest open source CoffeeScript project by lines of code, and since it's a game (with really cool tech), it's really fun to hack on. Join us in teaching the world to code! Your contribution will go on to show millions of players how cool programming can be.

Getting Started

We've made it easy to fork the project, run a simple script that'll install all the dependencies, and get a local copy of CodeCombat running right away on Mac, Linux, Windows, or Vagrant. See the docs for details.

Getting In Touch

Whether you're novice or pro, the CodeCombat team is ready to help you implement your ideas. Reach out on our forum, our issue tracker, or our developer chat room on Slack, or see the docs for more on how to contribute.

Slack Status


MIT for the code, and CC-BY for the art and music. Please also sign the CodeCombat contributor license agreement so we can accept your pull requests. It is easy.

Note: the levels on are not open source.

Join Us!

Nick Winter George Saines Scott Erickson Matt Lott Catherine Weresow Maka Gradin Rob Blanckaert Josh Callebaut Michael Schmatz Josh Lee Dan TDM Alex Cotsarelis Alex Crooks Alexandru Caciulescu Andreas Linn Andrew Witcher Axandre Oge Bang Honam Benjamin Stern Brad Dickason Carlos Maia Chloe Fan Dan Ristic Danny Whittaker David Liu David Pendray Deepak1556 Derek Wong Dominik Kundel Glen De Cauwsemaecker Ian Li Jeremy Arns Joachim Brehmer Jose Antonini Katharine Chan Ken Stanley Kevin Holland Laura Watiker Michael Heasell Michael Polyak Mischa Lewis-Norelle Nathan Gosset Oleg Ulyanicky Paul Buser Pavel Konstantynov Popey Gilbert Prabhsimran Baweja Rachel Xiang Rebecca Saines Robert Moreton Ronnie Cheng Ruben Vereecken Russ Fan Shiying Zheng Sébastien Moratinos Thanish Muhammed Tom Steinbrecher Yang Shun Tay Zach Martin

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