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🚨🚨 Deprecation Notice 🚨🚨

This uploader is being deprecated by the Codecov team. We recommend migrating to our new uploader as soon as possible to prevent any lapses in coverage. The new uploader is open source, and we highly encourage submitting Issues and Pull Requests.

You can visit our blog post to learn more about our deprecation plan

On February 1, 2022 this uploader will be completely deprecated and will no longer be able to upload coverage to Codecov.

Codecov NodeJS Uploader NPM version Build Status Build Status Dependency Status Dev Dependency Status FOSSA Status support for node.js.


Add the latest version of codecov to your package.json:

npm install codecov --save-dev


yarn add codecov --dev


This script ( bin/codecov ) detect your CI provider and all coverage reports and uploads them to Codecov.

Once your app is instrumented for coverage, and building, simply call ./node_modules/.bin/codecov.

This library currently supports the following CI companies: Travis CI, Travis, Appveyor, CircleCI, Cirrus CI, Codeship, Drone, Jenkins, Shippable, Semaphore, Wercker, Snap CI, Buildkite, AWS CodeBuild.

Upload repo tokens

Repo tokens are not required for public repos tested on Travis-Org, CircleCI or AppVeyor.

Repo tokens are necessary to distinguish your repository from others. You can find your repo token on your repository page at Codecov. Set this unique uuid to CODECOV_TOKEN in your environment variables.

export CODECOV_TOKEN=":uuid-repo-token"
# or
./node_modules/.bin/codecov --token=:token
# or
./node_modules/.bin/nyc report --reporter=text-lcov | ./node_modules/.bin/codecov --pipe


With Mocha:

istanbul cover ./node_modules/mocha/bin/_mocha -- -R spec

With Jasmine:

istanbul cover jasmine-node --captureExceptions spec/

With Tape:

istanbul cover test.js

With NYC

nyc npm test
nyc report --reporter=lcov


If you're seeing an HTTP 400 error when uploading reports to S3, make sure you've updated to at least version 3.7.0.


FOSSA Status