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Ohana Web Search

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Ohana Web Search is the web-based search portion of the Ohana project. It requires connecting to your own instance of Ohana API, which will provide the data to Ohana Web Search.

This project was developed by Code for America's 2013 San Mateo County, CA, fellowship team. Thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation, @monfresh, @spara, and @anselmbradford will continue to push code in 2014.

Ohana Web Search aims to make it easy to find available services in a community, and to provide as much pertinent information as possible, such as travel directions, hours of operation, other services residents in need might be eligible for, etc. You can see a live example for services in San Mateo County, CA, here:

We gladly welcome contributions. Below you will find instructions for installing the project and contributing.


You can see a running version of the application at

Stack Overview

  • Ruby version 2.6.6
  • Rails version
  • Node.js 6.0.0+, but less than 9.0
  • Yarn 0.25.2+
  • Template Engines: ERB and HAML
  • Testing Frameworks: RSpec, Capybara, Poltergeist

Deploying to Heroku

See the Wiki.

Local Installation (for developers)

Follow the instructions in


Follow the instructions in

Running the tests

To test locally, you can run tests with this simple command:


To configure the way RSpec displays test results, create a file called .rspec in the root directory, and add the following to it:

--format progress

The --color option allows you to see passing tests in green and failing ones in red. Otherwise, by default, you would just see a series of dots for passing tests, and the letter "F" for failing ones.

Parameters for the --format option are: progress (default - shows a series of dots), documentation, html, or textmate. More information can be found on the RSpec website.

To see the actual tests, browse through the spec directory.


We'd love to get your help developing this project! Take a look at the Contribution Document to see how you can make a difference.


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Code for America. See LICENSE for details.


A mobile-friendly website for finding human and social services in your community




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