Python wrapper for the Open311 API
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Open311 API Python Wrapper

A Python API wrapper for the Open311 API v2.


To successfully clone the repo, use the following command: git clone --recursive git://

To install the wrapper, change directories into your local repository and run: python install

Depending on security privileges on your computer, you may have to slightly augment the previous command: sudo python install


The Python wrapper follows closely with the structure of the Ruby Open311 API wrapper.

>>> from open311 import Open311
>>> o = Open311()

>>> # If you forgot to configure your instance.
... o.configure(endpoint='',
...             api_key='my_api_key', jurisdiction='')

>>> # You can also reset your instance to its original state.
... o.reset()

>>> # Receive a list of services available -- in dictionary form.
... o.service_list()

>>> # Specific service definition.
... o.service_definition('033')

>>> # Service requests.
... o.service_requests()

>>> # Get a specific service request.
... o.get_service_request('638344')

>>> # Post a service request.
... o.post_service_request(
...     service_code='001', address_string='123 Any Street',
...     first_name='John', last_name='Smith',
...     phone='111-111-1111', email='',
...     description='A large sinkhole is destroying the street',
...     media_url='')

>>> # Get a request id from a token.
... o.request_id_from_token('123456')


Copyright (c) 2011 Code for America Laboratories.

See LICENSE for details.