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Quality of Life Dashboard v3

A dashboard for community data and health. See our demo site.

The original repository with old versions of the Dashboard is here.

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Get Started

This project requires NodeJS.

git clone dashboard
cd dashboard
git clone data
npm install
npm run build
npm run datagen
npm start

The Dashboard should launch in your default web browser with a live reload server. To build the site for production, run npm run build and copy the public folder contents to your web server.

Customizing the Dashboard

Most Dashboard customization can be accomplished by creating your own data repository following the directions here. The data repository includes Dashboard meta (title, author, keywords, etc.), map style and configuration settings, data, etc.

The Dashboard is built using Vue.js, Mapbox GL JS, and Material Design Lite. The business end of things consists of independent Vue.js components in app/js/components. You can very easily create or disable components as needed. Each component has a shared state between all the components, and some components have a private state for things only needed by that component.

The app/js/search.vue component searches for the geography id, zip codes, and addresses. Zip code and address searches use HTTP API's from our Dirt Simple PostGIS HTTP API project with Mecklenburg data and won't work for other areas (only the geography ID search will work). Setting up new searches is fairly straight-forward and you can customize it to meet your needs.

To disable the non-geography searches, comment out everything but searchNeighborhood in the search method of app/js/search.vue.

search: function() {
    let query = this.privateState.query.trim();