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Source code (and participant registration) for CodeFreeze - Europe's northernmost conference for people interested in software.

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Welcome to CodeFreeze - a different kind of conference.

Updating the site

I highly encourage to test the site with Jekyll on your computer, if doing any (major) changes. GitHub has good instructions for using Jekyll with GitHub Pages.

If you already have Docker on your computer, you may use this shell script for running Jekyll in Docker:


Alternatively, you may install Jekyll directly on your computer:

Install Bundler:

gem install bundler

Install the gems from the Gemfile:

bundle install

Run the site locally using Jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Occasionally it may be necessary to update the dependencies to match latest version of GitHub Pages. This command will update the Gemfile.lock file which should be committed to version control:

bundle update

Using the DevContainer

You can launch a DevContainer for example in VSCode. After launch, you can start the server using

bundle exec jekyll serve

Building the JavaScript for the gallery

npm ci
npx vite build