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Codefresh plugins

Codefresh Plugins are Docker images made especially for use in a Codefresh freestyle step. Each plugin facilitates a common task that would otherwise by difficult to achieve. See each plugin readme for more info and usage instructions.


Plugin Description Tags
Helm Deploy Helm charts kubernetes helm
Codefresh Cli Operate on Codefresh resources cli codefresh
Slack Send message to slack slack notify
Deploy to ECS Deploy docker image to ECS ecs deploy containers aws
Deploy Kompose Deploy Docker Compose to Kubernetes cluster with Kubernetes Kompose docker docker-compose kompose deploy kubernetes
GitHub PR Creates pull request to GitHub github
Run Jenkins Jobs Run jenkins job from codefresh pipeline jenkins job
Deploy to DCOS Deploy application image to DC/OS cluster dcos deploy containers
Interact with Jira Interact with Jira from codefresh pipelines jira workflow
release to npm Release npm modules from a pipeline npm
Twistlock Security scanning of docker images using Twistlock security
Clair Security scanning of Docker images using Clair security
Import Docker Images Import Docker images metadata into Codefresh docker codefresh
Google KMS Encryption/Decryption with Google KMS KMS codefresh