Simple content blocks for Rails apps.
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Blocky is a Ruby gem for adding editable content blocks to a Rails project.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem "blocky"

Install the Blocky gem with Bundler:

bundle install

Use the install generator to set up Blocky:

rails g blocky:install

Run the installed database migrations to add the required tables:

rake db:migrate


View Helper

To create a content block, simply use the blocky helper and specify a content key in your ERB template. Each content key must be unique across your entire application for each content block that has unique content.

<%= blocky(:contact_info) %>

You can specify a block of HTML to be loaded into the content block the first time the that content key is loaded. This means you won't have a bunch of empty content blocks in development when a new developer spins up the app for the first time.

<%= blocky(:product_faq) do %>
  <h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>
    <li>How do I add content blocks?</li>
    <li>How do I edit my content blocks?</li>
<% end %>

Active Admin

Blocky registers the content blocks with Active Admin to provide the editing interface. Everything works best if you are using Active Admin and if current_admin_user is used to return an authenticated user who can manage the content blocks when signed in.

If you're not using Active Admin, it should be pretty easy to create a simple interface for managing your content blocks. The reason the old admin interface was removed was to simplify the project and remove authorization methods that don't belong in this gem.


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