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Code Search on Fess
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Code Search on Fess

Fess is Enterprise Search Server. This docker environment provides Source Code Search Server on Fess.

Public Site

Getting Started


$ git clone -b
$ cd docker-codesearch
$ bash ./bin/

Start Server

docker-compose up -d

and then access http://localhost:8080/.

Create Access Token

To use Admin API for Fess, you need to create an access token with {role}admin-api permission at Admin Access Token page(http://localhost:8080/admin/accesstoken/). For more details, see Admin Access Token.

Install DataStore Git Plugin

To crawl a git repository, you need to install fess-ds-git plugin in Admin Plugin page(http://localhost:8080/admin/plugin/).

Create DataStore coniguration for GitHub

Using bin/, you can create DataStore and Scheduler settings on Fess. ACCESS_TOKEN FESS_URL REPO_DOMAIN REPO_ORG REPO_NAME

$ bash ./bin/ ...token... http://localhost:8080 codelibs fess

You can check if settings are created in http://localhost:8080/admin/dataconfig/.

Start Crawler

To start the crawler, run Default Crawler or Data Crawler - ... in Admin Scheduler page(http://localhost:8080/admin/scheduler/).


You can check search results on http://localhost:8080/.

Stop Server

docker-compose down

For Production

  • Replace with your domain in docker-compose.yml.
  • If you want to use SSL, modify a value of STAGE in docker-compose.yml.
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