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CLI and package manager for building enaml-native apps
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Cli for enaml-native. This is for the new build system which allows more modular app builds.

This is used to:

  1. create new apps
  2. install and remove app packages and dependencies
  3. build and run your apps

Now uses conda-mobile for managing app dependencies and works same for iOS and Android. Android apps can also be built on windows!


Install via pip using the --user flag.

#: Do either
pip install --user enaml-native-cli


Start a new enaml-native project. It now uses cookiecutter and will prompt for any required input.

enaml-native create app

It will prompt you for different configuration variables. Most can be left as is but at a minimum the app_name and bundle_id should be changed.

Once done, cd to the app folder (the project name) and activate the app's environment.

cd HelloWorld

# on OSX / linux
source activate ./venv

# on windows simply do
activty venv

Now install any app requirements (or use pip install and enaml-native link)

enaml-native install enaml-native-icons

List apps requirements (or use conda list)

enaml-native list

Build and run your app

#: Run the app (or build-android) to build
enaml-native run-android

To add and remove packages or create new packages see the new cross compiling toolchain conda-mobile

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