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Cloud Commander v1.1.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 10 Jul 06:32
· 4211 commits to master since this release


  • (listeners) onTouch: add path
  • (console) getOnMessage: if isSymbol do not cd
  • (console) onCD callback
  • (console) getOnMessage onCD: if error do not change path
  • (client) loadModule: corrupted CloudCmd[name] on error
  • (dom) getCurrentPath fs: rmStr -> rmStrOnce
  • (commander) getAllStats: do not get response when folder is empty
  • (dom) getCurrentPath: wrong path when width changed panels: two -> one
  • (mellow) convertPath: add last slash to files
  • (dom) loadCurrentSize: show load
  • (rest) unzip: if !to
  • (rest) zip file if !to


  • (console) add clear with Ctrl + l
  • (console) add ability to use CD on windows
  • (console) change volume in windows
  • (package) express v4.5
  • (commander) getDirContent: add checkType
  • (util) checkArgs: return this
  • (util) add checkType
  • (util) exec.parallel: add ability to take and return object
  • (commander) add parseStats
  • (win) restore codepage before quit
  • (gitignore) add npm-debug.log
  • (img) update
  • (img) update t v1.0.0