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Cloud Commander v1.5.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 19 Nov 08:24
· 3614 commits to master since this release


  • (util) check: add check
  • (ncp) call cb only if no case is suitable


  • (gulp) add place from npm
  • (cl) cl.getVersion -> cl
  • (cl) save Version after first call
  • (gulp) release: add --major, --minor, --patch
  • (put) rm deprecated patch
  • (auth) rm deprecated oldSha
  • (util) exec.if: rm condition
  • (package) minify v1.3.0
  • (package) minify v1.2.0
  • (shell) rm
  • (util) check: add indexOf undefined
  • (package) console-io v1.10.0
  • (package) minify v1.1.0
  • (dom) loadRemote options: add name
  • (shell) rm install-dev
  • (edit) patch: add socket sync
  • (edit) keep cursor on same position after remote patch
  • (edit) patch: add socket
  • (edit) ace: add elixir, elm
  • (edit) ace v1.1.8
  • (package) add local ncp
  • (package) should v4.2.1
  • (package) morgan v1.5.0
  • (edit) add socket
  • (edit) save ->
  • (ponse) send: rm unused isGzip
  • (config) add sockets
  • (dom) loadRemote: add options
  • (load) rm xhr.responseText overwriting
  • (config) set value after receive response about saving
  • (files) set: callback -> Util.exec