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cloudcmd v8.3.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 02 Mar 20:02
· 1326 commits to master since this release


Some people asked about this (#146, #139), and at last this became possible :). Today I want to introduce you new command line flag --columns also available as CLOUDCMD_COLUMNS env variable and as Config parameter.
At this moment it has 2 states: name-size-date and name-size-date-owner, but list of options can be increased significantly with help of our lovely users and contributors of Cloud Commander :).

screen shot 2018-03-02 at 6 05 38 pm

From command line you can use this options:

cloudcmd --columns name-size-date --no-server --save

This one also works:

CLOUDCMD_COLUMNS=name-size-date-owner-mode cloudcmd

This is how it going to look like:

screen shot 2018-03-02 at 9 41 55 pm


  • (route) buildIndex: getIndexPath
  • (listeners) pop: change #hash


  • (cloudcmd) --columns: add ability to set visible columns (#146)
  • (package) html-webpack-plugin v3.0.4
  • (package) limier v2.0.0
  • (package) webpack v4.0.0
  • (package) rm jscs, jshint
  • (package) jonny v2.0.3
  • (package) flop v4.0.0
  • (package) add mock-require, clear-module