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  1. CustomBrowser CustomBrowser Public

    Custom Chromium Browser Developed in .Net 5 (C# WinForms) with CefSharp.

    C# 1

  2. blog blog Public

    This repository contains the source code for all of the blogs that writes.


  3. MarketWeatherAverages MarketWeatherAverages Public

    This .Net Core console app gets the daily temperature, precipitation, and wind-speed averages from the NCDC API ( and stores it in CSV format.


  4. balans balans Public

    An example SPA using ReactJS & .Net 5 API.


  5. CoderPro.OpenWeatherMap CoderPro.OpenWeatherMap Public

    The most complete and modern library written in .Net for the OpenWeatherMap API.This library retrieves the JSON from the ZPIs and serializes them into objects. All of the free textual APIs are supp…

    C# 1


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