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Umbraco is a free and open source .NET content management system helping you deliver delightful digital experiences.


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Umbraco is a free and open source .NET content management system. Our mission is to help you deliver delightful digital experiences by making Umbraco friendly, simpler and social.

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Looking to install Umbraco?

You can get started using the following commands on Windows, Linux and MacOS (after installing the .NET Runtime and SDK):

dotnet new install Umbraco.Templates
dotnet new umbraco --name MyProject
cd MyProject
dotnet run


Our comprehensive documentation takes you from the fundamentals on how to start with Umbraco to deploying it to production.

Some important documentation links to get you started:

Get help

If you need a bit of feedback while building your Umbraco projects, we are chatty on Discord. Our Discord server serves both a social space but also has channels for questions and answers. Feel free to lurk or join in with your own questions. Or just post your daily Wordle score, up to you!

Looking to contribute back to Umbraco?

You came to the right place! Our GitHub repository is available for all kinds of contributions:

Umbraco is contribution-focused and community-driven. If you want to contribute back to the Umbraco source code, please check out our guide to contributing.

Tip: You should not run Umbraco from source code found here. Umbraco is extremely extensible and can do whatever you need. Instead, install Umbraco as noted above and then extend it any way you want to.