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Remember your favourite songs and analyse your listening patterns
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Installation has been tested on OpenBSD and Ubuntu, but will probably run on any POSIX-compliant operating system, that is supported by golang.

To install songmem run go get -v -u '' (this will take some time, because the dependency go-sqlite3 is big). The songmem binary will be placed at $HOME/go/bin/songmem. Add $HOME/go/bin/ to your $PATH for easy usage.


    songmem --register [--no-add] <name>
    songmem --added-at
    songmem --favourite
    songmem --frecent
    songmem --suggestions <name>
    songmem --remove-hearing [<name>]
    songmem --remove-song [<name>]
    songmem --rename <name> <newname>
    -h --help         Show this screen.
    -r --register     Register that you just heard a song. If the song does not
                      exist yet, it will be added to the database.
    -n --no-add       Do not add a song to the database, when registering that
                      you just heard it. If the song does not exist, nothing
                      will happen.
    -t --added-at     List songs by the date of their addition. Newest first.
    -f --favourite    List songs you heard the most. Most heard first.
    -c --frecent      List songs you recently heard a lot. Most frecent first.
    -s --suggestions  List songs, that you often hear before or after hearing
                      the given song. Best suggestions first.
    --remove-hearing  Remove the latest hearing from the database. If <name> is
                      given, remove the latest hearing of the given song.
    --remove-song     Remove the last added song from the database. If <name> is
                      given, remove this song. Fails if there are still hearings
                      of the song.
    --rename          Rename the song <name> to <newname>.

If songmem is called without any arguments, it will list all songs, last heard

Music player integration

The following scripts assume that you store your songs like <artist> - <title>.

mpd (requires mpc)

This script registers when a song is played through mpd. Start it after launching mpd(1).

#!/usr/bin/env sh

while true
	song="$(mpc -f '%artist% - %title%' current --wait)"
	songmem --register "$song"

You can search for recently heard songs and play them in mpd (requires dmenu; alternatively you could use fzf):

#!/usr/bin/env sh

# Abort when dmenu is quit using <esc>:
set -e

song="$(songmem | dmenu -i -l 15 -p "Play song:")"
artist="$(printf '%s' "$song" | awk -F ' - ' '{print $1}')"
title="$(printf '%s' "$song" | awk '{i=index($0, " - "); print substr($0, i+3)}')"
songfile="$(mpc search artist "$artist" title "$title")"
if [ -n "$songfile" ]
	mpc clear
	mpc add "$songfile"
	mpc play

Adapt these scripts to add songs to the queue, browse through song suggestions for the currently playing song, ...

Setting up keyboard shortcuts for your scripts could also prove useful.


#!/usr/bin/env sh

# Abort when dmenu is quit using <esc> or the song cannot be played:
set -e

song="$(songmem | dmenu -i -l 15 -p "Play song:")"
ytools-search "$song"
mpv --ytdl-format "bestaudio/best" --no-video "$(ytools-pick 1)"
songmem --register "$song"

You could add this as a fallback into the previous script for mpd.

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