🌧 An easy-to-use API for devices that use Tuya's cloud services. Documentation: https://codetheweb.github.io/tuyapi.
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### Release Notes


### [`v1.1.0`](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/releases/v1.1.0)

[Compare Source](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/compare/v1.0.1...v1.1.0)

### 1.1.0

#### New features

AVA now exports a `meta` object. Currently, you can retrieve the path of the test file being run:

import test from 'ava';

console.log('Test currently being run: ', test.meta.file);

import {meta} from 'ava';

console.log('Test currently being run: ', meta.file);

This is useful in helpers that need to know the test file. [`bccd297`](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/commit/bccd297f38c9f4cf6dbb16dffa7ee8753dbbd12f)

#### Bug fixes and other improvements

-   `t.log()` now works in hooks [`d187712`](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/commit/d1877122cea7ce54455d9dcc2bca046612dbd628)
-   Error output for improper usage of `t.throws()` once again links to the correct documentation [`dc552bc`](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/commit/dc552bcb57181d9b6d9c39711013f9813ddc2c51)
-   We've added a section on webpack aliases to the [Babel recipe](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/blob/master/docs/recipes/babel.md) [`c3bcbf2`](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/commit/c3bcbf2a568c12017fe0da041dc247a226019001)

-   We've updated the [Vue recipe](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/blob/master/docs/recipes/vue.md) for Babel 7, and added a section on webpack aliases [`c3bcbf2`](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/commit/c3bcbf2a568c12017fe0da041dc247a226019001)

#### All changes πŸ“š


#### Thanks πŸ’Œ

πŸ’– Huge thanks to [@&#8203;fitztrev](https://togithub.com/fitztrev), [@&#8203;forresst](https://togithub.com/forresst), [@&#8203;astrob0t](https://togithub.com/astrob0t), [@&#8203;pearofducks](https://togithub.com/pearofducks), [@&#8203;coreyfarrell](https://togithub.com/coreyfarrell) and [@&#8203;dflupu](https://togithub.com/dflupu) for helping us with this release. We couldn’t have done it without you!

#### Get involved ✌️

We welcome new contributors. AVA is a friendly place to get started in open source. We have a [great article](https://medium.com/@&#8203;vadimdemedes/making-your-first-contribution-de6576ddb190#.umxr7id07) on getting started contributing and a comprehensive [contributing guide](https://togithub.com/avajs/ava/blob/master/contributing.md).



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TuyAPI 🌧 πŸ”Œ

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A library for communicating with devices that use the Tuya cloud network. These devices are branded under many different names, but if your device works with the TuyaSmart app or port 6668 is open on your device chances are this library will work.


npm install codetheweb/tuyapi

Basic Usage

Asynchronous (event based, recommended)

const device = new TuyAPI({
  id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  key: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  ip: 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx',
  persistentConnection: true});

device.on('connected',() => {
  console.log('Connected to device.');

device.on('disconnected',() => {
  console.log('Disconnected from device.');

device.on('data', data => {
  console.log('Data from device:', data);

  const status = data.dps['1'];

  console.log('Current status:', status);

  device.set({set: !status}).then(result => {
    console.log('Result of setting status:', result);

device.on('error',(err) => {
  console.log('Error: ' + err);


// Disconnect after 10 seconds
setTimeout(() => { device.disconnect(); }, 10000);


const TuyAPI = require('tuyapi');

const device = new TuyAPI({
  id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  key: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  ip: 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'});

device.get().then(status => {
  console.log('Status:', status);

  device.set({set: !status}).then(result => {
    console.log('Result of setting status to ' + !status + ': ' + result);

    device.get().then(status => {
      console.log('New status:', status);

This should report the current status, set the device to the opposite of what it currently is, then report the changed status. The above examples will work with smart plugs; they may need some tweaking for other types of devices.

See the setup instructions for how to find the needed parameters.

πŸ“ Notes

  • Only one TCP connection can be in use with a device at once. If using this, do not have the app on your phone open.
  • Some devices ship with older firmware that may not work with tuyapi. If you're experiencing issues, please try updating the device's firmware in the official app.

πŸ““ Docs

See the docs.


  1. Document details of protocol
  2. Figure out correct CRC algorithm




Projects built with TuyAPI

To add your project to either of the above lists, please open a pull request.

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