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Scripts Dump!

Open Source Love Pull Requests Welcome

Your goto place to find and dump any script you want.

This is one of the first projects of codezoned, Show your ❤️

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ScriptsDump is a complete repository of all kind of scripts we and you can think of. Scripts written in any languages are welcomed but we at Codezoned tend to lean towards Python and Go 😉.



Simplified structure of ScriptsDump


We're always looking out for people who're enthusiastic to work and collaborate with people. If you want to become a maintainer at ScriptsDump you can contact us

The current maintainers are:


ScriptsDump is new and needs your help and collaboration to grow, our vision to spread and learn knowledge is fueled from your contributions.

As of now, whatever script you think you want to add, Make a PR and do it. You have our full support 😈