Archlinux Package to install Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve Studio (unofficial) based on
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davinci-resolve-studio for Arch Linux

Archlinux Package to install Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve Studio, based on

This package adds the package name and sha256 from the studio version zip file, and also adds an udev rule for the dongle. Please let me know of any issues here.


To install, simply download the Davinci Resolve Studio installer from Blackmagic's website to your Downloads directory. The file (where X.Y.Z is te current package version) should be placed into /home/$youruser/Downloads or inside the package directory.

Automatic installation:

You should be able to automatically install from the AUR repository with a tool like yaourt:

yaourt davinci-resolve-studio

Manual installation:

  • If you want to manually install, clone this repository from GitHub or AUR:

git clone


git clone

  • run makepkg inside the directory (as your regular user):

cd davinci-resolve-studio


  • and finally install the created package with pacman (as root):

pacman -U davinci-resolve-studio-X.Y.Z-0-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz


I don't use BlackMagic's panels, so I didn't bother to add the BMDPanel support drivers & daemon. If someone could test it, I might add it to the package.


All the package credits go to the davinci-resolve package mantainer and contribuitors in