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ckotte commented Nov 13, 2020
Pikaur v1.6.12
Pacman v5.2.2 - libalpm v12.0.2

Would it be possible to implement a configurable environment variable for installation and de-installation of build dependencies?

I use btrfs and snap-pac to create pre and post snapshots for every pacman operation. This means 6 snapshots are created if I update a single package that requires additional packages

refaelsh commented Nov 26, 2020

Here is a scenario that happened to me. I was doing a rua install foo-bar-package (1 GB download) and the WiFi got disconnected in the middle of the download. This happened several times. I now have multiple fragments downloaded that are eating disk space. I suggest a rua clean cache command to get rid of them.


kepi commented Jul 23, 2020

I have multiple packages installed from AUR which are offered for update every time I run yup but IMHO they shouldn't.

I.e. in todays output:

==> Checking for AUR updates...

==> Found 2 local package(s) that are newer than their AUR package
    numix-icon-theme-pack-git  r6767-1 has AUR version r6086-1
    ttf-consolas-with-yahei-powerline-git  r.-1 has AUR version r14.b6e9163-1

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