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it records my leetcode learning process, continue to update.

LeetCode Algorithm

This form includes:

  • 1.the question's numbers marking by "#".
  • 2.the question's title with its address in LeetCode marking by "Title".
  • 3.the question's Java algorithm solutions with its address in my github marking by "Solution".
  • 4.the difficulty about this question.

And in my solutions code , it includes:

  • 1.the title about this question with English and Chinese version.
  • 2.the right questions more than one.
  • 3.the wrong question that I did the first time.
  • 4.why I did the wrong answer,how I think in that time.

others:"*" represents something I didn't finish.

Hope it helps you in algorithm learning. Have fun!

# Title Solution Difficulty
1 Two Sum Java easy
2 Add Two Numbers Java Medium
3 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters Java Medium
5 Longest Palindromic Substring Java Medium
6 ZigZag Conversion Java Medium
7 Reverse Integer Java easy
9 Palindrome Number Java easy
13 Roman to Integer Java easy
14 Longest Common Prefix Java easy
20 Valid Parentheses Java easy
21 Merge Two Sorted Lists Java easy
26 Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array Java easy
27 Remove Element Java easy
28 Implement strStr() Java easy
35 Search Insert Position Java easy
38 Count and Say Java easy
58 Length of Last Word Java easy
66 Plus One Java easy
67 Add Binary Java easy
69 Sqrt(x) Java easy
70 Climbing Stairs Java easy
83 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List just like #26 Java easy
88 Merge Sorted Array Java easy
100 Same Tree Java easy
101 Symmetric Tree Java easy
104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Java easy
107 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II Java easy


it records my leetcode learning process, continue to update.






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