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HTML5up Dimension Theme for Wordpress

Wordpress version badge License: GPL v3

A configurable Wordpress Theme version of HTML5up Dimension Theme made for the internet by @cogdog (that link uses this theme!). WP-Dimension creates a simple, elegant calling card site you can host on your own domain, not park it in some ad-tracking About site.

WP-Dimension creates a site that looks like

Screenshot of Theme

The box links below the headings each open content overlays, each a Wordpress post, internally on the site renamed "Front Boxes":

Sample Page

Editing options in the posts/front pages provide the means to add a button and link at the bottom that can go to any URL. You can also create standalone WordPress pages in case you have more info than you want to show in a front box.

Static Page

It's sure elegant, right?


Search for other examples in The Google

If this kind of stuff has any value to you, please consider supporting me so I can do more!

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More info

Installing from Scratch

Install this theme on any self hosted Wordpress site. You cannot do this on, get a real web hosting package.

You can download a ZIP file of this theme via the green *Code" button above (use the Download Zip option).

The zip can be uploaded directly to your site via Themes in the Wordpress dashboard, then Add Theme and finally Upload Theme. If you run into size upload limits or just prefer going old school like me, unzip the package and ftp the entire folder into your wp-content/themes directory.

Updating the Theme

As of WordPress version 5.5 themes uploaded as .ZIP files can now be updated the same way you installed it; just download the newest version, and update it via Themes in the Wordpress dashboard, then Add Theme and finally Upload Theme. You will be asked to confirm updating the theme with the newer version.

If you have ftp/sftp access to your site (or this can be done in a cpanel file manager), simply upload the new theme files to the wp-content/themes directory that includes the older version theme.

We Got Your Docs Right Here

See the documentation of WP-Dimension, how to customize your site, and other WordPress features included in the theme now separated as it's own link here but can also be viewed in a more readable format - see the Docs! (thanks to Docsify This).

Features / History

  • v2.51 (Oct 30, 2022) CSS fix for social media menus (thanks Jacob G)
  • v2.5 (Oct 27, 2022) Customizer panels reorganized, a new setting to allow for more than 8 boxes on front page (or fewer)
  • v2.4 (Sep 7, 2022) Include Font Awesome 6.2, update the documentation and make use of Docsify This to display it all pretty like
  • v2.2 (Oct 2, 2021) Updated to match changes in CSS/JS of the original HTML5UP Dimension theme, including use of Font Awesome 5 icons
  • v2.0 (Feb 25, 2020) Better CSS for a responsive and even sized navigation menu.
  • v1.8 (Oct 12, 2018) Nag notices added to encourage use of FontAwesome 5 plugin, CSS tweak to fix mobile menus, segment base CSS from WordPress
  • v1.7 (Oct 12, 2018) Rebranded WordPress posts internally as "Front Boxes" to better reflect their purpose. A new template for single entries shows a Front Box opened on the home page.
  • v1.4 (Jan 3, 2018) Deprecated use of Customizer Social Icons plugin and re-wrote instructions to use Font-Awesome 4 Menus
  • v1.3 (Aug 21, 2017) Integration of Social Media Icons for the WordPress Customizer plugin to provide a front page display of icons / links for social media sites, new post meta data field option to store an optional short name for the button display, another field to customize the link button label, CSS updates for aligncenter, alignleft, alignright classes, edit links added to post display.
  • v1.2 (Jun 19, 2017) Added a page template to create longer content pieces
  • v1.1 (May 20, 2017) Added shortcodes for link buttons, display and show order in the posts view of Wordpress Editor
  • v1.0 (Feb 19, 2017) First release