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Herald is an easy-to-use messaging framework. It allows Pelix/iPOPO and Java OSGi frameworks to communicate with each other using messages, without worrying about the underlying protocol used for transmission.


Each Pelix or OSGi framework instance is considered as a peer. A peer has a unique ID and a human-readable name. An application ID is associated to each peer: only peers with the same application ID can discover each other.

A peer can send a message to another peer or to a group of peers. A message has a subject, which listeners register to, and a content.

Remote Services

Herald provides an RPC transport implementations for Pelix Remote Services (Python) and for Cohorte Remote Services (Java).


Currently, Herald supports two protocols in Python, and one in Java:

  • HTTP (Python & Java):
    • Each message is sent as a POST request.
    • Peer discovery is based on a home-made multicast heart beat protocol
    • Best transport for LAN applications and for single-peer messages
    • Python implementation is based on requests.
    • Java implementation uses the builtin HTTP client. It requires the Felix HTTP service to work correctly.
  • XMPP (Python & Java):
    • Each message is a either a message or a group message
    • Discovery is based on a Multi-User Chat room (XEP-0045)
    • Best transport for distributed applications and for group messages
    • Python implementation is based on SleekXMPP
    • Java implementation is based on Babbler


Cohorte Herald is released under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0.