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udiskie is a UDisks front-end that allows to manage removeable media such as CDs or flash drives from userspace. Its features include:

  • automount removable media when inserted
  • notifications (on insertion, mount, unmount, …)
  • GTK tray icon to manage all available devices
  • command line tools for manual un-/mounting
  • support for LUKS encrypted devices
  • support for loop devices (mounting iso archives, requires UDisks2)
  • password caching
  • works with either udisks1 or udisks2
  • an extensible code base (python)
  • a maintainer who is open for suggestions;)

All features can be indidually enabled or disabled (yes, you can submit unmaintainable code and make me salty!)



Project pages


  • Wiki contains installation instructions and additional information.
  • Man page describes the command line options
  • Source Code is hosted on github.
  • Latest Release is available for download on PyPI.
  • Issue Tracker is the right place to report any issues you encounter, ask general questions or suggest new features. There is also a public Mailing List if you prefer email.


For the next udiskie versions, I am mainly concerned with quality assurance and stability. For one this means reducing the number of supported runtime configurations and make the remaining easier to test, i.e.:

  • drop support for python2 to avoid unicode issues and make use of the new asyncio module which provides better error handling (stack traces!) than the current solution.
  • drop support for udisks1. The udisks1 API is rather unfit for the asynchronous nature of the problem which has led to numerous bugs and problems (plenty more probably waiting to be discovered as we speak)
  • add automated tests. needed desperately…