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Lightweight Python utilities for working with Redis.

The purpose of walrus is to make working with Redis in Python a little easier. Rather than ask you to learn a new library, walrus subclasses and extends the popular redis-py client, allowing it to be used as a drop-in replacement. In addition to all the features in redis-py, walrus adds support for some newer commands, including full support for streams and consumer groups.

walrus consists of:


Persistent structures implemented on top of Hashes. Supports secondary indexes to allow filtering on equality, inequality, ranges, less/greater-than, and a basic full-text search index. The full-text search features a boolean search query parser, porter stemmer, stop-word filtering, and optional double-metaphone implementation.

Found a bug?

Please open a github issue and I will try my best to fix it!

Alternative Backends

Walrus also can integrate with the Redis-like databases rlite, ledis, and vedis. Check the documentation for more details.

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